Inch-Master (Junior) Collar Stretcher

    Inch-Master (Junior) Collar Stretcher

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    • Widens collars or smaller sized pants
    • Works on fabric collar sized 12+
    • Can add up to two inches
    • 5 year-warranty
    • Made in Germany

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  • Product Description
  • The Inch-Master Collar Stretcher offers instant help. You don't need a whole new outfit, the only thing you need is the Inch-Master Collar Stretcher. It allows you to widen almost all your pants, jeans, shorts and skirts around the waist. You can breathe easier and feel comfortable in all your waistbands. The Inch-Master Collar Stretcher is especially designed for small size pants (e.g. children sizes) and collars.

    The Inch-Master Collar Stretcher is very easy to handle. Just moisten the fabric, or use right after washing the garment. Insert the Inch-Master Collar Stretcher and extend your collar to the desired size. Collar will remain stretched for a perfectly roomy fit until the next washing when you can simply repeat the process if desired.

    The Inch-Master Collar Stretcher is constructed from durable, recyclable plastic. It works on almost any fabric for collar sizes 12 and up and for extra small waistband (children size). It can add between 1/2 and 2 inches depending on the garment you intend to stretch.

    The Inch-Master Collar Stretcher is Made in Germany and its high quality is guaranteed with a 5- YEAR-MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY.