Titania 4 Piece Foot Care Set

    Titania 4 Piece Foot Care Set

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    • The perfect kit for your foot and nail care needs
    • Helps with nails, calluses, corns, and hard skin
    • Comes with corn slicer, toe clipper, foot balsam, and pumice sponge
    • Not made for diabetics
    • Made in Germany

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  • Product Description
  • The Titania 4 Piece Foot Care Set includes a corn slicer with one blade, a foot-shaped pumice sponge, a toe nail clipper, and gentle foot balsam. The Titania Corn Slicer easily and painlessly removes corns and calluses in one quick motion. The foot-shaped pumice sponge removes hard and callused skin from hands and feet with or without soap. The Titania Toe Nail Clippers gently trim excess nail from hands and feet, allowing for more manageable nails. Titania's Gentle Foot Balsam reduces the formation of hard skin and calluses, and also prevents blisters and pressure points.

    Important Information:

    • Ideal for maintaining gentle, beautiful skin.
    • Foot Balsam contains 2.53 oz. (75 ml)
    • 4 and 3/4" Pumice Sponge.
    • 3" Nail Clippers.
    • 5 and 3/4" Corn Slicer.
    • Made in Germany.

    Warning: Not recommended for individuals with diabetes, hemophilia, or poor circulation. The blade is razor sharp and should be handled with extreme care. Keep out of reach of children.