Titania Stainless Steel Corn Slicer

    Titania Stainless Steel Corn Slicer

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    • Gently removes calluses and corns
    • Provides long lasting pedicures
    • Fast and effective
    • Recommended with foot file and additional blades
    • Made in Germany

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  • Product Description
  • Titania's Stainless Steel Corn Slicer is perfect for gently removing calluses and corns, providing long-lasting pedicures. Hold slicer lightly and slice corns and hard skin. When most of the hard skin has been removed, smooth affected area by using a foot file. The double blade may be used twice. For a fast and effective method of removing corns, Titania's Stainless Steel Corn Slicer is just the ticket.

    Warning: Not recommended for individuals with diabetes, hemophilia, or poor circulation. The blade is razor sharp and should be handled with extreme care. Keep out of reach of children.

    Titania Corn Slicer Blades - Two 10 Packs, Price: $4.95
    Titania's Corn Slicer Blades come in two 10 packs. When blade becomes dulled, remove it, reverse it, and reuse it. Titania's Corn Slicer Blades should be used on Titania's Corn Slicer only.