Swede-O Ankle Lok Ankle Brace

    Swede-O Ankle Lok Ankle Brace

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    • Prevent further ankle injuries
    • Used by athletes and patients
    • Dual lace eyelets for versatility
    • Ensures unrestricted bloodlow
    • Comes with one brace. Can be use on the left or right foot

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  • Product Description
  • The Swede-O Ankle Lok Brace are developed for athletes and patients in preventing ankle injuries. Using Swede-O's unique ankle lacing system keeps the brace tight and supportive. The unique dual eyelets will give you the versatile and adjustable tight effect needed for further prevention. Comes with a single brace and can be worn with the left or right foot.

    Other Features: Full elastic back ensures unrestricted blood flow to the Achilles Tendon. Seamless arch will not irritate the bottom of your foot. Triple layer vinyl laminate construction provides superior ankle support

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