Titania Vital Foot Bath

    Titania Vital Foot Bath

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  • Product Description
  • Have tired, aching feet got you down? Give your feet the ultimate treat by bathing them in Titania's Vital Foot Bath. Titania's Vital Foot Bath refreshes, revitalizes and deodorizes tired feet, aching feet. This product contains horse chestnut, which strengthens, stretches, and protects veins and stimulates the circulation of blood. Also contained in this product is Dead Sea Salt, which helps to rejuvenate the skin. Titania's Vital Foot Bath prevents athlete's foot and bad odor, and softens calluses and corny skin. For easy removal of calluses, use the Titania Pumice Sponge or Titania Callus Reducer, and then treat your feet with Titania Softening Lotion.

    Directions: Put 1 tablespoon per liter in warm water and bath your feet 10-20 minutes.

    Important Information:

    • Contains Dead Sea Salt
    • Aids in Blood Circulation
    • Refreshes, Revitalizes, & Rejuvenates tired, aching feet
    • 250 g / 8.8 OZ