Spenco Arch Cushions Insoles, 3/4 Length

    Spenco Arch Cushions Insoles, 3/4 Length

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    • Creates comfort and relief to foot arches
    • Nitrogen-injected spenco material
    • Measured at 3/4 length for stability
    • Soft, flexible built-in arch support
    • Comes in men and women sizes

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  • Product Description
  • The Spenco Arch Cushions 3/4 Length Insoles, are made from a patented closed-cell, nitrogen-injected material. This is a unique cushioning material that absorbs shock and improves overall foot comfort.

    A soft, flexible Arch Support is built into each insole. This provides additional stability and support necessary to help maintain proper foot position and relief for tired arches.

    Friction and heat build-up that can cause blisters and calluses are reduced by a unique 4-way Stretch Fabric

    length offers extra room in the toe area which allows this insole to fit into narrow and tight fitting shoes.

    Important facts:

    • Soft and flexible arch support
    • Absorbs shock
    • Reduces friction and heat build-up
    • Prevents blisters and calluses
    • Extra room in toe area
    • Fits narrow shoes
    • Machine washable
    • Durable and lightweight
    • Sold in pairs

    Recommended for:

    • Arch Pain
    • Back Pain
    • Heel Spur
    • Metatarsalgia
    • Supination