Dr. Roth's TABS

    Dr. Roth's TABS

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    • Helps relieve metatarsal pain
    • Compression band with an absorbing pad
    • Can be worn during physical activity
    • Can be worn with shoes or even in bare foot
    • Comes as a single piece

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  • Product Description
  • TABS Can be worn with your favorite footwear or just in bare feet. It works by using a compression band with shock absorbing pads to eliminate pain.

    How Tabs Work:

    TABS were designed to improve foot posture by stabilizing the metatarsal arch. By offloading the pressure from the sensitive metatarsal heads, TABS help to allocate the weight distribution to the greater surface area of the metatarsal shaft.

    Other Useful Facts:

    • TABS can be worn during heavy activities such as running and other athletic activities.

    • TABS last anywhere for 3 weeks to 6 months depending on frequency of use and the type of activity they are being used for. They should be thought of like socks. This is a disposable product.
    • They should be hand washed and air dried never dry wrong out.

      Can be used to relieve Heel Pain, Tired Achy Feet, and General Leg Fatigue.