Silipos Soft Skin Heel Sleeve, Each

    Silipos Soft Skin Heel Sleeve, Each

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    • Provides moisturization and reliefs dry skin
    • Strategic placed gel pad at the heel
    • Toe-less sleeve for a better slip on process
    • Beneficial for dermatitis and eczema
    • One size fits all

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  • Product Description
  • Say good-bye to rough heels forever
    Unique silicone gel pad is designed to help reduce heel dryness and fissures.

    The Silipos Soft Skin Heel Sleeve is designed as a night sleeve to provide moisturization and relief for dry and hard skin on the heel. The sleeve has a strategically-placed, anatomically-molded gel pad at the heel. The dermatologist-tested gel gradually dissipates a high-grade mineral oil to moisturize, soften, soothe, and rejuvenate dry and hard skin at the heel while protecting the heel from friction, abrasion and pressure. Recommended wear during night or without shoes.

    Note: Recommended as a non-ambulatory therapy product; not to be worn with shoes.

    Features and Benefits

    • The toe-less sleeve slips on comfortably for night-time wear.

    • Provides gentle compression of the ankle.

    • Beneficial for dermatitis and eczema.

    • The silicone gel slowly releases non-staining, medical-grade mineral oil to soften skin and reduce scar tissue.

    • Can be used in conjunction with moisturizing creams and lotions.