Italian Synthetic Flat Sport Laces

    Italian Synthetic Flat Sport Laces

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    • Meant for shoes that will fit flat laces
    • For sports shoes but may be used for dress shoes
    • Up to 4 different lengths and comes in two colors
    • Price is for one pair of shoe laces
    • Made in Italy

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  • Product Description
  • Are your white and black shoe laces look dirty or worn down? Well we have a variety of black and white sport laces just for you. Shop for your desired length and go back into your physical daily lifestyle! Made in Italy.

    Size Chart for Laces

     Centimeter/Inch Length

     Number of Holes in Shoe

     60cm = 23.6"

     4-6 holes

     70/75cm = 27.6"/29.5"

     6-8 holes

     90cm = 35.4"

     8-10 holes

     120 cm = 47.2"

     10-12 holes

     150 cm = 59.1"

     12-14 holes

     180 cm = 70.9"

     14-16 holes