Tingley Moccasin Over Shoes

    Tingley Moccasin Over Shoes

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    • Stylish waterproof shoe covers
    • Made of high stretch rubber
    • Designed with extra traction support
    • Exceptional fit and lightweight design
    • Great for the winter and rainy seasons

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  • Product Description

    The Moccasin style overshoes protects from rain, snow, mud, and salt damages. They are fashionable and designed for extra traction for slippery surfaces. Designed for Men, they are ideal protection for almost any type of weather.

    Trim Weather Fashion Dress Rubber Overshoes is made of highly stretchable natural rubber for easy on and off. It is designed for comfort and tears resistance. Also features a traditional tongue styling for full coverage and protection of the shoe.

    Important information:

    • Prevent damage from rain, mud, snow and salt.
    • 100% waterproof protection.
    • High stretch natural rubber for easy on and off.
    • Exceptional fit and comfort.
    • Lightweight, yet tough and durable.
    • Tear resistant.
    • Designed for extra traction on slippery surfaces

    Note : We recommend choosing the next size up, if you wear a border line size with medium to wide foot. For heavier soles (i.e. athletic shoes, casual shoe with broad soles etc.) choose also a size larger.