PEET Shoe Dryer, Portable

    PEET Shoe Dryer, Portable

    SKU 109-015-00
    • Dries shoes, boots, or athletic footwear
    • The perfect travel-size shoe dryer
    • Thermal convection technology
    • Plugs into any standard outlet
    • 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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  • Product Description
  • The Portable PEET Shoe Dryer is the portable solution for wet, cold footwear.

    It slips inside shoes for easy packing and storage - perfect for travel.

    Like the larger Peet SHOE DRYER, the Portable PEET Shoe Dryer dries casual shoes, work boots, or athletic footwear overnight without damage to the footwear. Patented soundless PEET Shoe Dryer thermal convection technology is utilized for incredibly effective, yet compact, results.

    Additional important facts:

    • Power adapter plugs into any standard outlet
    • Five-Year PEET Warranty
    • Made in USA