Long Spoon Shoe Horn, 21"

    Long Spoon Shoe Horn, 21"

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    • Nickel plated handle and lacquered beech wood shaft
    • Extended shoe spoon in a matte or clear finish
    • No need for an interconnecting shaft
    • Choose your favorite crafted long shoe spoon
    • Made in Italy

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  • Product Description
  • These unique long spoon designer shoe horns are Made in Italy. They are approximately 21" long . Each one of these exquisite Long Spoon Shoe Horns is topped by a beautifully crafted, silver nickel-plated handle. What gives these Long Spoon Shoe Horns their distinguished design is the extended long spoon that is directly topped by the handle, without the use of an interconnecting shaft. The spoon part is available in a clear matte finish*. At a length of 21" this beautiful Long Spoon Shoe Horn will help you ease your foot in your shoe without effort.

    The Long Spoon Shoe Horns are exclusively designed, produced, and assembled in a small family-owned company in Italy . Exquisite Italian design makes this highly-functional Long Spoon Shoe Horn handsome enough to be displayed.

    All Long Shoe Horns are equipped with a hanging strap and are very easy to use.

    This Long Spoon Italian Shoe Horn is a great gift idea for various occasions.

    TIP: Always use a shoe horn when placing your feet in shoes. This will keep the heel counter from breaking down and will prolong the life of your shoes.

    * Acetate of cellulose faithfully reproduces genuine horn.