KIWI Outdoor-Mink Oil 2 5/8 oz.

    KIWI Outdoor-Mink Oil 2 5/8 oz.

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    • Keeps leather soft, supple, stain and water resistant
    • Great for winter, work, hiking shoes and boots
    • Massage leather with shoe cloth
    • Leather must be clean and dry before use
    • Recommended with post shoe polishing

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  • Product Description
  • Mink oil is a combination of pure petroleum and mink oil meant to be used on oil-tanned and smooth leather. It keeps leather soft, supple, water and stain resistant. This product is great for work, winter, and hiking boots and shoes.

    Additional Information
  • Allow to penetrate for 5 minutes for regular leather, 1 hour for heavy leather.
  • Use regularly for maximum protection.

    Sized: 3.625 oz

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