Meltonian Leather Lotion Conditioner

    Meltonian Leather Lotion Conditioner

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    • Cleans and preserves fine smooth leathers
    • Contains silicone to add luster and softness
    • Buff with soft shoe brush or shoe cloth
    • Also used for exotic leathers. Not used for suede
    • Size: 7.5 fl. oz.

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  • Product Description
  • This gently cleans, nourishes and preserves your fine smooth leathers. It contains silicone to add luster and softness.

    • Remove dirt and dust with a clean cloth or brush.
    • Shake well before using. Apply a small amount with a cloth and work into leather.
    • Allow to dry.
    • Buff with a soft brush or cloth.

    Size: 7.5 fl. oz.

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