Shoe Shine Brush Diplomat Exclusive (Regular)

    Shoe Shine Brush Diplomat Exclusive (Regular)

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    • Used to clean and polish shoes and boots
    • Made out of 100% horsehair bristles
    • Elegant brown wooden handle, clear coated
    • Regular sized brushes made in Germany
    • Not sold in pairs

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  • Product Description
  • The Shoe Shine Brush Diplomat Exclusive is made in Germany . Its 100% genuine horsehair bristles are of the softest and finest quality to be found anywhere on the market. The elegant brown wooden handle has a clear coat shellac finish and is ergonomically formed with grooves for your fingers.

    This brush is 6.75" long, 2" wide.

    To prevent color contamination, it is recommended to use separate Shoe Shine Brushes for every color of shoe polish. For example, use the black brush only on black shoes or boots, and use the grey-brown brush only on brown or tan shoes or boots.

    Looking for a larger size? Click here for the JUMBO size.