Stiletto Heel  Replacement

    Stiletto Heel Replacement

    SKU 103-001
    • Replacements for stiletto heel end pieces
    • Easy and quick to install
    • Comes in a variety of different sizes
    • Pliers not included
    • Sold as a pair

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  • Product Description
  • Give new life to your favorite high heels. Replace the end of the stiletto heel with SUPERTAPS. Easy and quick to install. Comes in a variety of sizes just select the size that you desire. The measurements references the length from back to front on the heel as well as the width of the heel at the front.

    - Pull out old tips with pliers.
    - With flat side of tip facing the toe, push the shaft into old hole as far as possible. make sure flat side is still facing the toe.
    - Push heel tip further into heel by striking tip against a hard surface or by tapping with a hammer.

    Comes as a pair.