* FootFitter Exclusive Shoe Tree, Women

    * FootFitter Exclusive Shoe Tree, Women

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    • Smooths creases and prevents wear patterns
    • Made out of premium quality poplar wood
    • Durable and long lasting shoe trees
    • Made in Germany
    • Sold in pairs

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  • Product Description
  • The FootFitter Exclusive Shoe Tree for Women keeps your shoes in perfect shape and prolongs their life. The patented mechanism is designed for perfect performance, durability, and a long-lasting perfect fit. It considerably prolongs the life of your footwear. It helps to retain the shoes original shape, and the premium poplar wood material offers maximum capacity to absorb moisture. Poplar wood is the best material available for the production of shoe trees. It is extremely lightweight and is also very durable and able to absorb a high amount of moisture.

    The mechanism that guarantees for the long lasing perfect performance of the FootFitter Exclusive Shoe Tree for Women is very durable and unique. Two springs in the toe section provide this shoe tree with perfect fit in width. The front and the toe section are linked by two springs that are enclosed in brass tubes. In this way a perfect and durable lengthwise fit is obtained. A brass knob is added to the top of the heel section for easy handling.

    Limited quantities on hand