Aluminum Shoe Stretcher

    Aluminum Shoe Stretcher

    SKU 101-046
    • Stretches tight fitted shoes
    • Aluminum construction for heavy duty use
    • Comes with three individualized stretcher plugs
    • Not sold in pairs
    • Made in Italy

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  • Product Description
  • The Aluminum Shoe Stretcher transforms any pair of tight shoes into a pair of perfectly fitting shoes. No more breaking in of new shoes! The high quality aluminum construction guarantees durability and first class stretching results. Stretches only the width of your shoes. Simply slip in the shoe stretcher and turn the handle until it feels snug and tight. Leave it overnight or during the day. Repeat the process on the other shoe.

    Three plugs can be inserted into the toe section of the stretcher to allow for individualized stretching of pressure points.

    The Aluminum Shoe Stretcher is a professional shoe stretching tool that is very popular in Europe.

    Additional information:
      * Not for high heeled shoes or boots
      * Single stretcher fits left and right shoe