If you find a lower price from another US base internet dealer just let us know before you make the purchase or up to 14 days after your purchase and we will gladly give you a 100% back of the price difference between the two items.

The competitor must be an US authorized reseller of the item; the product must be in stock and available for immediate shipping. Both items must be identical. The total cost of shipping will be considered in the price match quote. (If shipping is not included then we will add the standard shipping cost for the item into the total price.) Auction (like eBay), discount (like overstock.com), and paid-membership (like Costco.com) sites are not available for price match consideration. Clearance and any item sold with the clause “all sales are final”, “no returns” and similar are also excluded from this offer. Price Matching can be done prior to the purchase of the item; just email it to us with a direct link to the competitor’s items page and our item number before your purchase. It can also be done up to 14 days after the shipping of the item just contact our customer service department by email info@shoeandfootcare.com. We reserve the right to contact the retailer to verify both pricing and availability. Upon review we also reserve the right to deny any claim.

Our Best Price Guarantee does not apply to services including but not limited to: shipping charges, special offers or promotions, including rebates, mail-in offers, free-with-purchase offers, limited quantity offers, bundled promotions and special financing from our competition. It also does not apply to typographical errors or bulk ordering discounts.

Price Match items cannot be combined with any other of our special offers, E-Coupons, discounts, promotions or shipping-promotions.

Just email the direct link to the product on the competitors website, the competitors and our item number (that exactly matches the competitors), and your contact information. Please send this information to info@shoeandfootcare.com with “attention: price match” in the subject header and we will inform you if the price will be adjusted after review. We reserve the right to contact the retailer about availability and price. We also reserve the right to deny any claim upon review.

How does the Price Match work?

If you find an item that meets all of the above stated requirements and the price is found within 14 days after the ship date of your item, then contact us at info@shoeandfootcare.com. Please include the site where you found the item with a direct link to the item in the email. We will then review the site and information and decided if it meets the above state policy. We reserve the right to contact the retailer and inquire about the price and item availability.

What is not Priced Matched?

We do not price match sites that are non-US authorized dealers of the product. Auction (Ebay.com), discount retailers (Overstock.com) and paid-membership (Costco.com) sites are excluded. Anything sold in sales, special events (grand opening, anniversaries, clearances and liquidations), or with the clause “all sales are final,” are also excluded from price matches. We also will not price match taxes, typographical errors, or quantity based pricing.

How much will I get from the Price Match?

You will get 100% of the difference between the items.

For example an item on our site goes for $100 and the competitor’s price is $90 and all of the above stated criteria have been meet. Then we would give you 100% of the price difference that is $10 in this example. So you gained a total of $10 back from this price match and enjoy the confidence that you have received the best price possible!

What does it mean that Price Match cannot be combined with other offers?

This means that if you as a customer get a price match on one of the items on our web site you cannot then use an additional coupon or other price reducing promotional offer from use to further lower the price. It is also important to state that if the competitor’s prices have been lowered by coupons or other special offers then the price match will not take effect.

Why are only US dealers included?

Only US dealers are included because of the cost of importing the items into the states. We have to pay custom fees and shipping costs to bring these products to you, the customer. These costs have to be factored into the price of each item, because of this we can not necessarily compete with stores in other countries who do not have to pay these fees. But by purchasing the item through us you can have complete confidence that the warranty on all items will be honored by the factory. This may not be the case if the item has been purchased from non-authorized dealers. For these reasons they cannot be include in price comparisons.