BigToe RxL Dress Socks, Brown

    BigToe RxL Dress Socks, Brown

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    • Fast-drying and sweat-absorbing dress socks
    • Provides natural comfort and balance
    • Contains cotton, polyester, cupra, and polyurethane
    • Left and right feet socks
    • Made in Japan

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  • Product Description
  • BigToe Socks are made three-dimensionally to fit the toes on left and right feet. The result is a sock that resembles the original shape of the human foot. Bigtoe Socks provide a more natural and comfortable fit. Bigtoe Socks contain COLAX, a fast-drying, sweat-absorbing and chitosan antibacterial component, that helps to keep feet dry and fungi-free.

    Important Information:

    • Yarn Content: Cotton 30.7%, Polyester 27.1%, Cupra 12.3%, Polyurethane 1.8%, Nylon 1.6%.
    • Color: Brown
    • Left and Right Feet socks.
    • Made in Japan


    • Machine wash, warm water.
    • Tumble dry.
    • Do not bleach.