*Titania Formed Callus File With Cover

    *Titania Formed Callus File With Cover

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    • Removes hard skin from hands, feet, and elbows
    • Works quickly, easily, and safetly
    • Great against calluses
    • Comes with cover for travel
    • Made in Germany

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  • Product Description
  • Titania's Formed Callus File is the perfectly shaped callus file for the gentle removal of hard skin from hands, feet and elbows. It works quickly, easily and safely to help restore skin's natural softness. Titania's Formed Callus File comes equipped with a cover, making it an ideal travel item.

    Important Information:

    • Gently removes hard skin & calluses.
    • Use on hands, feet, and elbows.
    • 6 and 1/2" in length.
    • Comes with cover
    • Made in Germany.

    Warning: Not recommended for individuals with diabetes or poor circulation.