Titania Ceramic Callus Reducer

    Titania Ceramic Callus Reducer

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    • Reduces calluses and smoothes skin
    • Offers two sides, rough and fine
    • Works quickly, easily, and safely
    • Not made for diabetics
    • Made in Germany

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  • Product Description
  • Titania's Double-Sided Ceramic Callus Reducer offer two sides - one coarse for removing hard or callused skin, and one fine for finishing and smoothing. The ceramic callus reducer works quickly, easily, and safely to restore skin's natural softness. It can be used either wet or dry. Contoured handle provides easy handling.

    Important Information:

    • Restores skin's natural softness.
    • Do not use if you are a diabetic.
    • Two-sided Callus Reducer.
    • 7 and 1/2" in length.
    • Made in Germany.

    Warning: Not recommended for individuals with diabetes, hemophilia, or poor circulation. The blade is razor sharp and should be handled with extreme care. Keep out of reach of children.