Swede-O Active Wrap Ankle Hot & Cold Compressor

    Swede-O Active Wrap Ankle Hot & Cold Compressor

    SKU 206-031
    • Provides hot and cold foot/ankle therapy
    • Combination of protective sleeves and gel packs
    • Recommended for swollen, swore, and aching areas
    • Microwave or freeze gel packs
    • Non-toxic and latex free

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  • Product Description
  • The Swede-O Active Wrap Ankle Hot and Cold Compressor protects your ankle and offers a hot and cold therapy treatment. This unique compressor comes with two soft gel packs that can be placed in the pouches inside the wrap. Conform around your sore and swollen areas for a better recovery and circulation process. Recommended for foot injuries, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, and achilles tendonitis.

    Notes: Gel-packs can be microwaved or frozen. Will mold to your specific body part. Non-toxic and latex free. Can be used on the left or right foot

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    Small/Medium Fits up to a size 10 Fits up to a size 11
    Large/X-Large Fits shoe size +10 Fits shoe size +11