Gehwol Med Callus Cream

    Gehwol Med Callus Cream

    SKU 205-019
    • Quickly loosens and softens hard calluses
    • Concentrated with urea, glycerin, and allantoin
    • Noticeable difference in just a few days
    • Do no apply on sensitive, irritated, or injured skin
    • Normal conditions are generally reached within 28 days

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  • Product Description
  • The Gehwol Med Callus Cream soothes and loosens hard callus areas. Formulated with high concentrated urea, allatoin, and glycerin, this cream will reduce calluses in the amount of just a few days. If you're annoyed of foot calluses, this lotion is a great add-on to your other callus-healing items.

    How to Apply: Apply twice daily. Do not apply to sensitive, irritated, or injured skin. Regular skin care with Gehwol Med Lipidro Cream is recommended to protect against new formation of excess calluses.

    Size: 2.6 oz.