ArchCrafters Custom Fit 3/4 Length Comfort Insoles, Pair

    ArchCrafters Custom Fit 3/4 Length Comfort Insoles, Pair

    SKU 204-048
    • Custom fit orthotics for absolute foot comfort
    • 3/4 length for an easy to put and fit process
    • Available in comfort or comfort dress insoles
    • Not recommended for flat feet
    • Casting box accommodates up to a Men's size 17
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  • Product Description
  • Custom orthotics from the comfort and convenience of your own home
    Designed to fit your foot exactly for a fraction of the price of a prescription orthotic

    ArchCrafters, one of the leading foot orthotic companies in the world, now brings custom-fit technology to your home. You will receive a simple-to-use foam box to create an accurate impression of your foot. Return the postage-paid box to Archcrafters and in a few weeks your custom-made insoles will be delivered to your doorstep. Custom-fit orthotics can help control improper foot motion, relieve heel pain, and reduce stress on your back and knees.

    The 3/4 Length Insoles come in Comfort and in Comfort Dress. The advantage of a 3/4 insole is that it will fit in almost any shoe, whereas a full-length insole is intended only for shoes with removable insoles.

    The Comfort Insole is Medium Density throughout for absolute comfort and cushioning with a Brown Chambrelle Top Cover. The Comfort Dress Insole is the classic Dual 1 Density. The dual-density EVA construction with a firmer outer perimeter is as comfortable as it is durable and shock absorbent. The Comfort Dress Insole has a Camel Leatherette Top Cover. Both 3/4 insoles are a slim 1.6 mm.

    Note: Not suitable for flat feet.Available 3/4 Length Insole Types

    Item # Insole NameInsole TypeInsole Cover
    204-048-01 Comfort1.6 mm Medium DensityBrown Chambrelle Cover
    204-048-02 Comfort Dress1.6 mm Dual 1 DensityCamel Leatherette

    ArchCrafters Custom Fit 3/4 Length Comfort Insoles, Pair
    SKU: 204-048-01
    Materials: 1.6 mm thick Medium Density with Brown Chambrelle Cover

    ArchCrafters Custom Fit 3/4 Length Comfort Dress Insoles, Pair
    SKU: 204-048-02
    Materials: 1.6 mm thick Dual 1 Density with Camel Leatherette