ArchCrafters Custom Fit Full Length Comfort Insoles, Pair

    ArchCrafters Custom Fit Full Length Comfort Insoles, Pair

    SKU 204-047-01
    • Custom fit orthotics for absolute foot comfort
    • Wicking action top cover to protect against moisture build-up
    • Intended for shoes with removable insoles
    • Not recommended for flat feet
    • Casting box accommodates up to a Men's size 17

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  • Product Description
  • Custom orthotics from the comfort and convenience of your own home
    Designed to fit your foot exactly for a fraction of the price of a prescription orthotic

    ArchCrafters, one of the leading foot orthotic companies in the world, now brings custom-fit technology to your home. You will receive a simple-to-use foam box to create an accurate impression of your foot. Return the postage-paid box to Archcrafters and in a few weeks your custom-made insoles will be delivered to your doorstep. Custom-fit orthotics can help control improper foot motion, relieve heel pain, and reduce stress on your back and knees.

    The Comfort Insole is Medium Density throughout for absolute comfort and cushioning.

    Note: Not suitable for flat feet.

    Features and Benefits

    • ArchCrafters Custom Fit Full Length Comfort Insoles are also available in Comfort Dress, Runners, Hikers, Skiers, Heavy Duty Workers, and Golfers.

    • The Comfort Insole is 2 mm medium density throughout. The 3/4 Length is 1.6 mm.

    • The top cover is Brown Cambrelle, which has a wicking action to protect against moisture build-up.

    • An excellent choice for casual footwear.

    • The casting box accomodates all women's and men's sizes to 17.

    • Intended for shoes with removable insoles.

    • All custom insole information is held in a computer bank for easy re-ordering.

    Available Insole Types
    Item # Insole NameInsole TypeInsole Cover
    204-047-01 *Comfort2 mm Medium DensityBrown Chambrelle Cover
    204-047-02 *Comfort Dress2mm Dual 1 DensityCamel Leatherette
    204-047-03 Runner 2 mm Dual 1 DensitySpenco Sport (wicking)
    204-047-04 Hiker2 mm Dual 1 DensityDryz Top Cover
    204-047-05 Skier/Snowboarder3 mm Firm DensityCamel Leatherette
    204-047-06 Heavy Duty - Work2 mm Dual 1 DensityDryz Top Cover
    204-047-07 Golfer1.6 mm Dual 1 DensityCamel Leatherette

    *Also available in 3/4 length, which fits in most shoes. The full-length insoles are intended for use in shoes with removable insoles.

    Materials: 2 mm thick Medium Density with Brown Chambrelle Cover