Silipos Ball-of-Foot Gel Cushions, Pair

    Silipos Ball-of-Foot Gel Cushions, Pair

    SKU 203-008-00
    • Protects against abrasion, friction and pressure
    • Relieve inflammation and pain in the ball-of-the-foot area
    • Thin enough to be worn with any shoe
    • Re-usable and hand-washable
    • Comes as a pair, one size fits all

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  • Product Description
  • Wafer-thin gel pads provide maximum comfort
    Unique silicone gel pad absorbs shock and relieves pressure

    The thin fabric-covered gel pad (2 mm) in our Silipos Ball-of-Foot Gel Cushions protects against abrasion, friction, and pressure, while being thin enough to wear in any shoe. These are excellent for relieving the burning sensation under sensitive metatarsal heads caused by metatarsalgia and small neuromas.

    Features and Benefits

    • The Silipos Ball-of-Foot Gel Cushions are shipped as a pair.

    • The thin design can be worn in any shoe type.

    • Ideal for calluses and small neuromas.

    • Re-usable and hand-washable.

    • One size fits all.