Therastep Arch Support  Sleeves, Pair

    Therastep Arch Support Sleeves, Pair

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    • Lifts and supports the foot's arch
    • Relieves and supports the area caused by plantar fascia
    • Slips on comfortably and provides gently compression
    • Can be worn with shoes without taking much space
    • One size fits all

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  • Product Description
  • Experience comforting support to the arch of the foot
    Affordable elastic sleeve provides gentle compression to the plantar fascia

    These Arch Support Sleeves by Therastep lift and support the plantar fascia, the band of connective tissue that maintains the arch, so you feel less pain. Easy to place on and relieve pain immediately.

    Features and Benefits

    • One size fits most.

    • The sleeve slips on comfortably without taking up space in your shoe.

    • Provides gentle compression and dissipation of pressure around inflamed area.