Silipos Achilles Gel Pad Sleeve, Each

    Silipos Achilles Gel Pad Sleeve, Each

    SKU 202-024
    • Comfort and relief to Achilles heels
    • Recovery tool for heel and achilles tendon surgeries
    • Toe-less sleeve that fits perfectly in shoes
    • Measurement is based off area above ankle
    • Can be also be used for ski boots, skates, cleats and other footwear

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  • Product Description
  • Experience amazing comfort and relief with a Silipos Achilles Gel Pad Sleeve
    Unique silicone gel pad protects the achilles heel

    This popular heel sleeve contains a soft conforming gel pad to protect the posterior of the heel from pressure, impact and friction. While it is highly recommended as a recovery tool for heel and achilles tendon surgeries, it is also indispensable in protecting against discomfort by ski boots, skates, cleats, other athletic footwear, shoes, and boots.

    Features and Benefits

    • The Silipos Achilles Gel Pad Sleeve is available in Regular and Large.

    • The toe-less sleeve slips on comfortably without taking up space in your shoe.

    • Provides gentle compression and dissipation of pressure around inflamed area.

    • Wear-resistant medical grade silicone reduces pain caused by irregular heel bumps.

    • The silicone gel slowly releases non-staining medical-grade mineral oil to soften skin and reduce scar tissue.

    Sizing Information - Measure around the leg just above the ankle.

    Regular (S/M) - 7.5"-9"
    Large (L/XL) - 9"-10.75"