Collonil Nanopro Waterproofing Spray, 10.1 FL. OZ. (300 ml)

    Collonil Nanopro Waterproofing Spray, 10.1 FL. OZ. (300 ml)

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    • High performance water proof spray
    • Use on smooth leathers, suede, nubuck material
    • Combined with nano particles and fluoride carbon
    • 20% enhanced water and dirt-repellence
    • 10.1 fluid ounces

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  • Product Description
  • Collonil Nanopro Waterproofing Spray

    Collonil Nanopro Waterproofing Spray is a high-performance waterproofing spray that can be used on smooth leather, nubuck and suede leather, textiles, and modern high-tech materials.

    A unique combination of Nano particles and fluoride carbon resin provide Collonil Nanopro Waterproofing Spray with up to 20% enhanced water and dirt-repellence.

    Superior protection against soiling and the development of snow and water stains.

    This product can not be expedited due to the Department of Transportation restrictions.

    Color: neutral
    Size: 10.1 fl oz