*KIWI Outdoor - Camp Dry Mink Oil Tubs

    *KIWI Outdoor - Camp Dry Mink Oil Tubs

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    • Conditions, water proofs, and restores leather
    • Penetrates deeply into the leather
    • Recommended with soft shoe cloth
    • Can be used on outdoor leathers
    • Not meant for light or delicate leathers due to permanent discoloration

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  • Product Description
  • Camp Dry Mink Oil Tube contains a multi-refined oil of mink that penetrates deeply into the leather. This restores conditions, water proofs, and restores the leather's natural oils. It can be used on any outdoor leathers.

    • Remover all excess dirt.
    • Apply with a clean cloth, working it well into the leather, particularly around the seams and stitching.
    • Wipe off excess, and allow the article to stand overnight before wearing.Not for light colored or delicate leathers which may be darkened permanently.

    Size: 6 oz

    This product can not be expedited due to the Department of Transportation restrictions.