Kiwi Shoe Shine Box Refill

    Kiwi Shoe Shine Box Refill

    SKU 104-125-00
    • Helps clean and polish shoes and boots
    • Refill supplies for the "Kiwi Shoe Shine Valet Set"
    • Comes with a pack of shoe polishes, brush, cloth, and dauber
    • Valet Wooden Box not included
    • Made by Kiwi

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  • Product Description
  • Keep your shoe shine kit well stocked with our hand picket refill kit. If you're running out of supplies from the "Kiwi Shoe Shine Valet with wooden box", this refill will be beneficial for your shoe care mission. Comes with all the supplies needed to keep your shoes polished and clean. Does not include valet box.

    KIWI Shine Box Refill

  • (2) - Shoe Shine Brushes
  • (2) - Shoe Shine Daubers
  • (2) - Shoe Shine Cloths (18.5" x 4")
  • (1) - Black Shoe Horn
  • (3) - Kiwi Wax Shoe Polish in Black, Brown, and Neutral

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