* BootMate Portable Folding Boot Jack

    * BootMate Portable Folding Boot Jack

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    • Slips off your boots with ease
    • Foldable and lightweight
    • Won't scuff boots or shoes
    • Extremely compact
    • Prevents strains on your back

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  • This product is currently discontinued.

    Are you still struggling to remove those muddy, tight, or obnoxious boots? Look no further than the BootMate Folding Bootjack. This bootjack is compact enough to fit easily in a suitcase, tote bag, or briefcase. It is made of exceptional durable plastic that is strong enough to remove even the most stubborn of boots, yet weighs only half a pound. Perfect for travel, the BootMate Folding Bootjack is convenient for security screening at airports and office buildings, as there is no metal in the object. Use the Folding Bootjack on Western Boots, English Riding Boots, Fishing Waders, Galoshes, Work Boots, Shoes, Biker Boots, and Golf Shoes. The next time you pack your suitcase, remember to pack the Folding Bootjack.

    Additional Information:

    • Length: 6" X 4" X 1.25"