Shoe Shine Cloth, Professional

    Shoe Shine Cloth, Professional

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    • Great for buffing your shoes and boots
    • Made from natural cotton
    • Has one side rough and one side soft
    • Apply with shoe polish, wax, and other cleaners
    • Length: 20.5" Width 5.5"

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  • Product Description
  • The Shoe Shine Cloth is ideal for buffing your shoes and boots to a high gloss and can also be used for the application of shoe polishes, shoe waxes, and shoe cleaners.

    It is made from natural cotton material and is soft on one side and rugged on the other side. At a length of 20.5", it allows for a safe grip while buffing your shoes. The two narrow sides are reinforced for extra durability.

    Additional facts:

    • Two sided (soft and rugged)
    • 20.5" long
    • 5.5" wide
    • Cotton