FootFitter Square-Toed Shoe Tree for Men

    FootFitter Square-Toed Shoe Tree for Men

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    • Maintains the shape and prolongs the life of square-toe shoes
    • Made of high quality beech wood
    • Steel mechanism allows length stretching
    • Made in Germany
    • Sold in pairs

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  • Product Description
  • The Adjustable Square-Toed Shoe Tree for Men features the exact same wood craftsmanship as our regular Adjustable Shoe Tree but it is designed to fit into the popular European-style square-toed shoes. This newest Adjustable Shoe Tree preserves the sophisticated, cutting-edge shape of your designer shoes.

    Please also see the FootFitter Adjustable Shoe Tree and the FootFitter Adjustable Pointed Toed Shoe Tree.

    This product is currently discontinued (Limited sizes available).