Instep Shoe Stretcher or Vamp Raiser

    Instep Shoe Stretcher or Vamp Raiser

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    • Stretches the instep or vamp area only
    • Constructed from hardwood
    • All metal mechanisms
    • Comes with a tighten pivot screw that will need adjustment
    • Sold as a single stretcher

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  • Product Description
  • The Instep Shoe Stretcher or Vamp Raiser is a unique quality Shoe Stretcher that stretches only instep of your shoes. This specially made foot piece can be inserted deep into your shoes and stretch the upper or vamp area. The stretching mechanism of this instep shoe stretcher will stretch one of the most difficult parts and will provide better foot room. Simply turn the back handle until the stretcher is tightened or snug.

    Note: This is stretcher is shipped with the pivot screw fully tightened. This screw needs to be adjusted before being used.

    Size Width Length (main wooden piece) Height Max Height
    Women's Medium 2.5" 6.75" 2.75" 3.5"
    Women's Large 2.75" 7.5" 2.875" 3.625"
    Men's Medium 2.75" 8.25" 3" 4"
    Men's Large 3" 8.5" 3.25" 4.25"