Set of 4 Corn Pieces

    Set of 4 Corn Pieces

    SKU 101-005-02
    • Set of 4 Corn Pieces (different sizes)
    • Meant for selected pine stretchers
    • Gives additional shoe relief
    • Placed into any of the given holes on the stretcher
    • Each stretcher comes with a set of bunion pieces

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  • Product Description
  • This Set of 4 Corn Pieces will only fit into our pine selected shoe stretchers. Do not confuse yourself with the "FootFitter Set of 3 Corn Pieces" as they are made for different shoe stretchers. Simply use any of the four pieces and place it into the spot that may need an extra stretching effect.

    This item works with the following stretcher:
    - Pro Two-Way Shoe Stretcher

    Important information:
    - Shoe stretchers are sold with one set of corn pieces
    - Add to stretcher for increased pressure