FootFitter Set of 3 Corn Pieces

    FootFitter Set of 3 Corn Pieces

    SKU 101-005-00
    • Set of 3 Corn Pieces (different sizes)
    • Fits only in Premium FootFitter Stretchers
    • Gives extra shoe relief
    • Placed into any of the given holes on the stretcher
    • Each stretcher comes with a set of bunion pieces

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  • Product Description
  • The Set of 3 FootFitter Corn Pieces are used to to give extra pressure relief in certain areas. Simply insert any sized corn piece into the area you would like to stretch out. Each shoe stretcher varies based on the model and amount of holes. Can only be used for the FootFitter line.

    This item only fits for the following items:
    -Footfitter Premium Professional 2-Way Deluxe
    -Footfitter Premium Professional Boot Stretcher
    -FootFitter Premium 3"- 6" High Heel Shoe Stretcher
    -Professional FootFitter 2-Way Shoe Stretcher
    -Footfitter Premium Professional One Way Shoe Stretcher

    Important Information
    - Fits only for FootFitter Shoe/Boot Stretchers
    - Please note that the stretcher is sold with one set