Men's Shoe Trees

Shoe Trees in men's sizes and styles.
Ladies' Shoe Trees

Shoe Trees in women's sizes and styles.

What are Shoe Trees?
Shoe trees help maintain the original shape of your shoe as well as help prevent creases and cracking. They also absorb moisture from the lining of the shoes and prevent shoe shrinkage. Simply insert a shoe tree into your shoe and enjoy it's benifits. Our shoe trees are available in both men's and women's sizes.

Types of Shoe Trees Available
Shoe trees are made of various materials, usually either plastic or wood. The benifits of plastic is their light travel-ready weight and low price. Wood shoe trees (usually made of cedar) work better at keeping the natural shape of the shoe, and tend to last longer. They also absorb moisture and add the clean scent of cedar to your footwear.

Shoe Trees can stretch shoes slightly; but if your really looking to stretch your shoes, you may need a shoe stretcher.

Shoe Trees