Why are Kiwi shoe polish and other quality care products so important to the life of your favorite pair of leather footwear? Leather is a material that is created through the process of tanning the hides and skins of animals. This tanning process preserves the fiber structure of the animal skin. The objective of leather care is to maintain these natural material properties of leather using cleansers, shoe polish, and other products. At Shoe and Foot Care, you can purchase a shoe shine kit or an electric shoe shine device to properly care for your leather shoes. A proper shoe polisher will help you give your shoes the shine that you want for the office or special events.

To maintain the unique look and material properties of Smooth Leather please see the variety of products that have been specially formulated for Leather Care for Smooth Leather, including Collonil cleansers and Kiwi shoe polish. Browse through all of our shoe conditioning products, or use the dropdown menus to narrow down your search. We also carry a variety of shoe polishers, shoe horns, and other great products that will help you keep your top-quality shoes looking better for longer.

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